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Pro-Folio PLUS - Go Global!

Subscribers asked us for a portfolio that had less exposure to the US economy and US Dollar than Pro-Folio Original. This is it.

Just like Pro-Folio Original, this full-color booklet explains step-by-step how to set up, monitor, and manage your portfolio. But this portfolio consists of 66% non-US investments, including an additional fund of non-U.S. currency and money-market instruments.  If you're concerned about US Dollar inflation, or the declining US domination of the global economy - then this could be the strategy for you. This portfolio holds 6 ETFs, including US stocks, Foreign currency, Foreign stocks, Foreign government bonds, Foreign real estate, and Commodities. Then we apply the exact same trading methodology as Pro-Folio Original to tell you when to get in and out of these sectors.
Pro-Folio Plus global tactical allocation ETF monthly investment strategy
Just like Pro-Folio Original, this strategy is available as a do-it-yourself (DIY) document with nothing further to buy.

Or you can subscribe to the monthly email service, where we'll send you not only the DIY booklet FREE (including shipping and handling), but also one email every month for a year. Each email tells you exactly what investments to buy or sell using the Pro-Folio PLUS strategy. In addition, each month you'll also get a special bonus - market commentary and investment tips for "exploring" outside your core portfolio.   Compare


Pro-Folio Research Paper - Free Download
We wish we had thought up the Pro-Folio trading strategy, but we didn't! It is a strategy that has been used by some professionals and savvy individual investors. Then along came a smart guy who wrote a research study about this method, analyzing the investment returns from 1973 through 2005.

The paper was published in the Journal of Wealth Management in 2007, then updated in 2009 to include data through 2008. You can get a copy of the paper for free here

Some folks won't have any trouble figuring out how to set up and monitor their portfolio from the research paper - if this is you, more power to you! 

But if you have trouble understanding the research paper or you want someone to show you exactly how to do it, we can help you! See your choices above.

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